Environmental Dispute Resolution USA

We Provide Training to Suit Your Needs and Budget

In-House Training
Partial- or Whole-Day Orientations
Practice Sessions

Remote Training
Audio and Video

Orientations may Include:                                               Seminars may Include:
Dispute Origins Overview                                              Orientation Content
Dispute Progression and Pathways       Dispute Resolution Ethics 
Basic Dispute Resolution Model       Use of Diagnostic Tools on Client-Selected Project
Dispute Resolution Community Development           Development of Initial Community Action Plan
A Dozen Quick and Clean Remedies                           In-Depth Discussion of Dispute Resolution Tools
      Discussion of Team Development and Administration
      Development of Initial Community Communications Plan
We are pleased to support your organization's
             desire for speakers on the following, or similar, subjects:

Origins of Environmental Conflicts and Disputes in America
What Finding Environmental Peace and Justice Can Mean for You and Your Community
Countering Polarity to Achieve Unity
Community Leadership in the Face of Environmental Gridlock
Dealing with Political and Social Extremism

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